Monday, February 9, 2009

How Do I Tell My Friends I Have BP?

So now you've decided to tell a friend of yours you have bipolar disorder. The next question you ask yourself is "How do I tell my friends I have bp?" For most people telling your friends is much harder than deciding to tell your friends. I know it was for me. I must have run through a hundred scenarios in my head. Do I tell my friend at school? Maybe on the way to class, or in the library. Do I tell my friend when I have a sleepover? Should I tell my friend over the phone, or on IM? There are countless ways to tell your friend you have bp. I recommend a face to face conversation. That way you can watch their reaction and answer any questions they may have. I found that worked best for me. But, however you want to tell them make sure it's a setting your comfortable in. You might feel more comfortable telling them over the phone. While someone else mat not. It's your decision and it's also your friend. Tell your friends the way you want to tell them. If they are a true friend they'll support you, and stick with you.