Sunday, August 16, 2009

How Do You View BP?

Sometimes the biggest difference between two people with BP isn’t their symptoms, or what medicine they do or don’t take, but how they view their BP. Do they view it as a curse or as a blessing in disguise? The disguise part of the blessing would obviously be the symptoms and the ridiculous stigma that comes with the territory. Nobody likes being unstable, it’s hard on not only you, but everyone around you too. It’s also frustrating when people label you as different. Although as I’ve mentioned before, in my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with being different, and truthfully I wouldn’t want to be “normal”. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that “normal” is just another word for extremely boring! With all the negative things that come with BP there are also several positive things. I know most of you are probably thinking, how in the world is BP a blessing?! The blessing would be all the good things that come with the territory. For example, you can relate and have compassion for other people with a mental health issues. Also, most of the time people with BP are gifted in one thing or another. It could be a subject in school, or it could be something you don’t even think about as being a gift. If you get nothing else out of any of my blogs, I’ll be satisfied if you walk away knowing this; There will always be at least one person who thinks you are a uniquely special gift, and is advocating for you and others like you and me. (By the way that was meant as a fact, and not as a mushy statement!)