Thursday, July 3, 2008

Begining blog

This is my first blog so it might be a little rough, but just bear with me. I want to start this blog so i can put my voice out there, whether it gets heard or not. I'm not completely sure where this blog will go or even if anyone will read it, but it's as much for me as it is for others. I have one bipolar sibling and a bipolar father so i know firsthand that it can be rough not only for yourself, but for others around you also. I think that talking about your problems and hearing that others are going through the same thing is important. When i first heard i had bipolar disorder, and understood what it meant i felt completely alone. Even though i had others there to support me i still felt like nobody understood what i was going through. And not everyone did, but it helped tremendously when i knew that there were others out there going through the same problems and that i wasn't the only one in the world to have bipolar disorder. I want others to hear and know that too. I strongly believe that everyone suffering from bipolar should learn everything they can about there disorder, and educate themselves on there options. So I'll try to put pieces of info. that i think would be helpful and interesting to others in later blogs. I want to hear what others think also so feel free to leave a comment about anything you feel is important. Gotta go now, but I'll try to blog more at a later date, and hopefully get the hang of this.

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