Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is OCD Inherited?

(I’ll try not to make it too boring) No specific gene has been identified as playing a part in OCD, but the general idea is that genes do play a part in the development of the disorder. Childhood-onset OCD (Like mine) has been proven to run in families. When a parent has OCD the chances of the child having it are increased, but the chances are still very low. (Thank Goodness; I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody) When OCD runs in the family it’s the behavior that is inherited and not the exact symptoms, because every person has different symptoms. Sometimes OCD is confused for something else at the first diagnoses. The most common condition that resembles OCD is Tourette’s disorder. In fact about 20% of people who have OCD also have some form of tics. Tics are involuntary behaviors like nose flaring or vocal behaviors like clearing your throat repeatedly. (One of my tics as a child was flaring my nose. I would try to hide it by cupping my hands around my nose, while I did it, because I was embarrassed by it.)

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