Sunday, August 15, 2010

Side Effects

Side effects are the pesky things that come with feeling better. Some people get them worse than others. In fact some people don’t get them at all it just depends on how you react to the medicine. Tell your doctor about any side effects you’re having. Your doctor may change the dose of your medicine or add on a medicine that’s meant to help get rid of the side effects. I had to do that with mine, which was good because I stayed stable and minimized the side effects. Always consider the pros and cons of the effect your medicine is having on you. If the pros out way the cons then you should consider staying on your medicine if the side effects are livable. Never stop taking your medicine without your doctors approval Only your doctor should change anything that has to do with your medicine. When you start messing around with it you just make it worse. He knows what he’s talking about so you should listen.

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