Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Help CABF Win Contest (Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation)

Pepsi Refresh is running a contest for great ideas. The cause with the most votes gets 250,000 in funding money. I’m asking you to vote for my favorite cause the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. All you have to do is vote every day through the end of November. You can vote three ways every day. (Just remember Lays Potato chips and think “can’t vote just once”) You can text your vote by texting Pepsi at (73774) with the voting number (104174) once a day. You can also vote on facebook. All you have to do is go to and click the button that says vote. The last way you can vote is online at Pepsi website just go to CABF is an excellent organization that has helped countless people by educating and supporting families and teens with bipolar disorder. If that’s not enough of a motivator, if you sign up for their daily email reminder you are put in a drawing for a free iPad if CABF wins (Insert crowd screaming with excitement here). With your help this foundation will win and continue their much needed work.

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The Schimans said...

Thanks so much for your support, Clara. We very much appreciate it!
I'm including a link to our youtube video that features the story of two of my daughters.


Nanci Schiman, MSW
CABF Program Manager