Sunday, September 13, 2009

Axl Rose- (A.K.A.) Lead Singer 4 Guns n Roses

Axl Rose (real name Billy Bailey) was the poster boy for young teens with problems. By the age of 16 he was, as he said “A full fledged juvenile delinquent”. He was banned from his home and was in and out of jail. He changed his name after finding out the man who raised him was actually his step father. (If that’s not a trigger I don’t know what is!) Which is when he adopted the name Axl Rose (Rose was his biological father’s last name). He started the band Guns n Roses with his friend from school in 1985. (You gotta love the 80’s) Within a few years they had made a name for themselves. A few years later he was diagnosed with manic depressive, and eventually bipolar disorder. In an interview with Rolling Stone he said “I’m very sensitive and emotional and things upset me and make me feel like not functioning or dealing with people.” (Yup, that sounds about right) However, it has been said that he might not have Bp; some of his behavior could be explained through the rough life he’s had. There are also several other possible illnesses that could explain some of his symptoms instead of Bp. (There are a lot out there) Either way he has had a very rough childhood, which shows through some of his songs. (At least he got something out of it! Rock On!)

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