Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maurice Bernard- Actor (General Hospital)

Maurice’s story is extremely similar to others who have Bp. He had problems since his adolescence, but had a major breakdown at 22, and was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He likes to box to ease his tension. He says “There’s nothing better than boxing!” I personally think there is one thing better than boxing….. Chocolate! (But that could just be me I don’t know.) He says the key to his stability is never missing his medication, which he says he’s been on for 15 years. (I whole heartedly agree) When asked about side effects he said “The only side effect is, if I don’t take it, I have a breakdown,” That is the one side affect every person with a mental illness automatically has, medication or not. He was recently interviewed and put on the cover of Bp magazine. (It really sends a message when a famous actor is not only willing to have his face plastered on a magazine that millions of people are going to see and recognize as him, but to also have his personal biography written for everyone to read and see.)

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