Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Pressure

Family pressure is a lot like peer pressure. It’s there every day, and has a limitless range of pressure on different things. It’s even worse in some aspects. Like the fact you have to live with them, and see them everyday. At least with peer pressure you get a break at your home, or outside of school. Family pressure is the opposite you get sucked into it after school and at your own home. In theory you’re trading one type of pressure for another. (Insert sarcastic Wahoo here) The best thing I’ve found that personally works for me is (and I don’t mean to sound disrespectful or rude) putting it out of your mind. Listen to what they say, they are still your parents, but don’t take what they say and add it to your own pressure. Listen, acknowledge, and either apply or throw away. They just want the best for you, but if their pressure is adding more to your own then for your own good don’t add it to your collecting pressure. They don’t know how much pressure you carry around, but you do. Some unnecessary pressure also comes from miscommunication, which unfortunately never goes completely away it’s something you have to work at. It might help if you tell them that your trying to do your best, and explain to them how much pressure you have on you, which will help the to see and understand, and put less pressure on you. (That works for me. Because they have so much going on that they might not notice your woes on their own, but if you make it known to them they will work with you better.) Believe it or not they aren’t the enemy. Try talking to them; you might be surprised how far that goes. (I didn’t mean that statement to sound like a fortune cookie.)

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