Sunday, October 11, 2009

General Pressure

Teacher pressure is in class. Or for some students after class in detention; For those of you who may not have known there are a lot of different way to get detention the most interesting are, defacing school property, putting tacks on chairs, and starting fights almost always over a girl or guy.(I am in no way encouraging or endorsing this behavior. So if you get caught don’t say “This anonymous blogger implied it was alright”. I don’t want the cops knocking on my door at three in the morning!) Who said school was dull and unexciting? (Wait I think that was me! Ooops.) Peer pressure is everywhere outside of class, and away from the teachers. Family pressure is at home. (You can’t hide from it. It’s like one huge conspiracy. A pretty weird one too.) Personal Pressure is everywhere you are, because personal pressure comes from within you. Every other pressure is outside of you, which means you can get away from it for an extent, but you can’t hide from yourself. Everyone needs to get away from all the pressure and burden that comes with the whole life deal every once in a while. I suggest a movie at the theaters. For me there’s just something relaxing about sitting in a huge dark theater with only the sound of the movie. If you’re a girl I would strongly recommend shopping, but if it’s your friends that are pressuring you it would be a good idea to go alone. That may sound boring, but trust me it can be a relief to do something for you by yourself, I’m guilty of it. (On the other hand some people tend to go on shopping sprees when there stressed, and I strongly discourage that. Like I mentioned in my managing money blog if you’re going shopping give yourself a limit, and don’t go past that limit.) If you’re a guy you’re probably more inclined to play video games, and fix a car than to go shopping, but do what works for you. That’s all anybody can do. Think of it as a stress detoxer and a reset button. I personally love the beach, but not the ocean. I love lying on a sheet on the sand and just listening to the waves hitting the shore. Some people listen to cd’s of beach sounds but it’s not the same as the real thing. That’s what works for me, but you need to find what works for you and stick with it.

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