Friday, February 18, 2011


The months of fall are tough months for people with depressive tendencies. The change of weather, lack of a bright sunny atmosphere, and excessive amounts of dull and dreary days often causes a mood shift. (Just writing about it is making me depressed) It can take someone from a happy mood, (or at least not too grumpy) to sad and depressed. October has always been a hard month for me personally. The transition from summer to fall often puts me, and others, into a more depressed state. I usually need a temporary medicine change to get me through those months. If you are into alternative methods or natural remedies I also take something called Omega 3 it’s an all natural fish oil that boosts your mood, reduces anxiety, and helps you feel better. It has been amazing for me. It helps not only my moods from bipolar but also my anxiety I can tell a difference when I miss a dose automatically. However in interest of full disclosure there are a small percentage of people who take it that it sends into a more manic state. So if you’re going to try it start out with one and if you feel good then you can take more. You can find it at any store that sells vitamins it’s just concentrated Omega 3s and Fish oil.

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